The village of Starovice

The village is dominated by the Church of St Jiří (= George) and St Mikuláš (= Nicholas). The present appearance of the church comes from the 16th century. There were large corrections in 1885. At that time, the church was extended with an aisle – due to lack of space, it had to be built over a creek. Such an architectural feature is very rare not only in our region, but in the whole central Europe. Below the church, there is a pastorate, and a municipal office opposite. Both buildings have been reconstructed recently.

Turn your attention also to the village chapelle of Jan Nepomucký, located close to a firehouse, to the statue of Immaculata (next to the municipal office), the cross with Christ (1792) and the statue of St Antonin (Anthony). Starovice has always ranked between prominent wine communities, which fact is proved by a special seal from the year of 1646 depicting wine knife and a wine plant with two grapes. Another validation of the fact is the system of wine cellars behind the village. The main cellar group is in three odd rows, located one over each other. Most wine cellars and pressing shops were built in 1809-1815. The cellars still keep their original function.